Welcome to our Journey to the Baltics in 2010

     This website was created as a planning tool for our cruise to the Northern European Capitals in the Summer
     of 2010 on the Disney Magic.  This website is a work in progress, please check back frequently for updates.
     This website can be used to plan any Baltic Cruise, but I will focus dates and time around the Disney Magic's
     return to Europe.  This will only be the second time the Disney cruise ship the Magic will be in Europe.
     I will review as many of the sights, restaurant, shopping ideas, etc as I can so you can help plan
     your excursions.  The more prepared you are the better you will be able to decide to tour the port on your 
     own or do a self-guided excursion.  There are 4 scheduled Disney cruises to the Baltics in the Summer of   
     2010 on the Disney Magic.  
       Disney Mediterranean 2010 Cruise Planning
       Our Disney Mediterranean 2007 Cruise Photos
       Scrapbooking Ideas - Including photos at Pixie Hollow with Tinkerbell, Fawn and Silvermist
       Official Disney BALTIC EXCURSIONS for 2010
       Trip report     Pre-Cruise (London)
                           Baltic Cruise  part 1 : Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin / Days 1-6
                           Baltic Cruise  part 2 : St. Petersburg / Days 7-8  
                           Baltic Cruise  part 3 : Tallinn, Stockholm / Days 9-13 

      Disney Baltic Cruise - Northern European Capitals - Itinerary 2010   
       Day One: Leave Dover, UK                                        UK page -primarily focused on London and day trips
       Day Two: At Sea
       Day Three: Oslo, Norway                (8:30 - 16:30)
       Day Four:  Copenhagen, Denmark   (8:45 - 17:00)
       Day Five: Berlin, Germany              (7:15 - 20:30)
       Day Six: At Sea
       Day Seven,Eight: St. Petersburg, Russia (aka Leningrad)
       Day Nine: Tallinn, Estonia / Helsinki, Finland  (9:45 - 17:00)
       Day Ten: Stockholm, Sweden          (7:30 - 16:30)
       Day Eleven, Twelve: At Sea
       Day Thirteen: Return to Dover, UK

      Day of the week at each port.  This schedule will help plan itineraries, based on hours of operation 
      of  museums, restaurants, etc.
                       Dov    Sea    Oslo    Copen   Berlin   Sea   St Peters    Tal/Hel   Stock   Sea/Sea    Dov
    1st Cruise    Sat     Sun     Mon     Tue        Wed     Thu      Fri/Sat         Sun        Mon      Tues/Wed    Thur
    2nd Cruise   Th       Fr       Sat      Sun        Mon      Tu      Wed/Th         Fr          Sat       Sun/Mon      Tu
    3rd Cruise   Tu      Wed     Th        Fri         Sat       Sun    Mon/Tue        Wed      Thu       Fri/Sat         Sun
    4th Cruise   Sun    Mon     Tues     Wed       Thu      Fri      Sat/Sun         Mon       Tu        Wed/Thu      Fri

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      Recent Updates
      Berlin                          1/25/10     Copenhagen               1/12/10         UK                            1/7/10
      Oslo                            1/7/10       St Petersburg             1/24/10         Stockholm                 1/31/10
      Tallinn                       1/11/10       Helsinki                      1/5/09          Resources                 3/29/09      

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